Summer Boulder Ladder 2011

A fresh set of 35 yellow and white problems will be added on 1st July 2011 for Round 1. Climbers can attempt the problems in any order and as many times as you like until 22nd July. Round 2 begins on 22nd July with a fresh set of 35 problems.

Points are awarded as follows…

10 points for completing a problem on 1st attempt

7 points for completing a problem on 2nd attempt

4 points for completing a problem on 3rd attempt

1 point for completing a problem on any attempt


Completing a problem means matching both hands on the finishing hold in a controlled manner.

Problems start on the lowest handholds, which will be tagged to help you identify them.

All problems include volumes and features unless stated otherwise.

This comp is self-scored. Don’t be an idiot; don’t cheat. If you are unsure about any of the rules then ask.

Scorecards must be handed in at the end of each session. This will help us to keep your score up-to-date on the live scoreboard. View this at

On the final day of each round scorecards must be handed in by 8.45 PM.

Best three scores out of four count towards your final score.

All scorecards from each round go into a pot to be drawn out for the raffle in the final round on 30th September. Everyone who enters has the chance of winning something, the more rounds you enter the better your chances!

The open final takes place on Friday 30th September 6 – 9pm. This will be a super round with the chance to double or even treble points to add to your best three scores from the previous four rounds.

The Final on 30th September is open to everyone. There will be a raffle and BBQ and a few surprises in store…!

CARMEL Summer Boulder Ladder Round Up 2011

carmel_233438_n Summer Boulder Ladder Scoreboard 2011


WEBJAMES_10_EXTRA Summer Boulder Ladder Final 2011


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